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State Codes and Statutes

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§1‑440.24.  Form of notice of levy in garnishment proceeding.

The notice of levy to beserved on the garnishee shall be substantially in the following form:

State of North Carolina                                                                                        Inthe Superior Court

________       County




_______________,         Noticeto Levy





To ______________ Garnishee:

By virtue of the authoritycontained in an order of attachment issued by the Superior Court of ______County and directed to me, I hereby levy upon any and all property that youhave or hold in your possession for the account, use, or benefit of thedefendant, and upon all debts owed by you to the defendant.

You are notified that a lienis hereby created on all the tangible property of the defendant in yourpossession, and that if you surrender the possession of, or transfer to anyone,any property belonging to the defendant, or if you pay any debt you owe thedefendant, unless the same is delivered or paid to me or to the court for suchproper disposition as the court may determine, you will be subject topunishment as for contempt, and that judgment may be rendered against you forthe value of such property not exceeding the full amount of plaintiff's claimand costs of the action.

This the ____ day of _____,___


                                                                                                      Sheriffof ________ County.

 (1947, c. 693, s. 1; 1999‑456, s. 59.)