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Part 1. Receivers Generally.

§ 1‑501.  What judgeappoints.

Any judge of the superior ordistrict court with authority to grant restraining orders and injunctions haslike jurisdiction in appointing receivers, and all motions to show cause arereturnable as is provided for injunctions, except only a judge of the SuperiorCourt Division has jurisdiction to appoint receivers of corporations. Anyresident judge of the Superior Court Division or any nonresident judge of theSuperior Court Division assigned to a district who appoints receivers pursuantto the authority granted hereby while holding court in that district may, inhis discretion, retain jurisdiction and supervision of the original action, ofthe receivers appointed therefor and of any other civil actions pending in thesame district involving the receivers, following his rotation out of thedistrict. (C.C.P., s. 215; 1876‑7, c. 223; 1879, c. 63;1881, c. 51; Code, s. 379; Rev., s. 846; C.S., s. 859; 1971, c. 268, s. 31;1979, c. 525, s. 13.)