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State Codes and Statutes

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§1‑539.1.  Damages for unlawful cutting, removal or burning of timber;misrepresentation of property lines.

(a)        Any person, firm orcorporation not being the bona fide owner thereof or agent of the owner whoshall without the consent and  permission of the bona fide owner enter upon theland of another and injure, cut or remove any valuable wood, timber, shrub ortree therefrom, shall be liable to the owner of said land for double the valueof such wood, timber, shrubs or trees so injured, cut or removed.

(b)        If any person, firmor corporation shall willfully and intentionally set on fire, or cause to beset on fire, in any manner whatever, any valuable wood, timber or trees on thelands of another, such person, firm or corporation shall be liable to the ownerof said lands for double the value of such wood, timber or trees damaged ordestroyed thereby.

(c)        Any person, firm orcorporation cutting timber under contract and incurring damages as provided insubsection (a) of this section as a result of a misrepresentation of propertylines by the party letting the contract shall be entitled to reimbursement fromthe party letting the contract for damages incurred. (1945,c. 837; 1955, c. 594; 1971, c. 119; 1977, c. 859.)