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§1‑567.36.  Venue and jurisdiction of courts.

(a)        The functionsreferred to in G.S. 1‑567.41(c) and (d), 1‑567.43(a), 1‑567.44(b),1‑567.46(c), and 1‑567.57 shall be performed by the superior courtin:

(1)        The county where thearbitration agreement is to be performed or was made;

(2)        If the arbitrationagreement does not specify a county where the agreement is to be performed andthe agreement was not made in any county in the State of North Carolina, thecounty where any party to the court proceeding resides or has a place ofbusiness;

(3)        In any case notcovered by subdivisions (1) or (2) of this subsection, in any county in theState of North Carolina.

(b)        All other functionsassigned by this Article to the superior court shall be performed by the superiorcourt of the county in which the place of arbitration is located. (1991,c. 292.)