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§ 1‑569.18.  Judicialenforcement of preaward ruling by arbitrator.

(a)        If an arbitratormakes a preaward ruling in favor of a party to the arbitration proceeding, theparty may request the arbitrator to incorporate the ruling into an award underG.S. 1‑569.19. A prevailing party may make a motion to the court for anexpedited order to confirm the award under G.S. 1‑569.22, in which casethe court shall summarily decide the motion. The court shall issue an order toconfirm the award unless the court vacates, modifies, or corrects the awardunder G.S. 1‑569.23 or G.S. 1‑569.24.

(b)        An arbitrator'sruling under subsection (a) of this section that denies a request for apreaward ruling is not subject to trial court review. A party whose requestunder subsection (a) of this section for a preaward ruling has been denied byan arbitrator may seek relief under G.S. 1‑569.20 and G.S. 1‑569.21from any final award the arbitrator renders.

(c)        There is no rightof appeal from trial court orders and judgments on preaward rulings by anarbitrator after a trial court award under this section, G.S. 1‑569.19,and G.S. 1‑569.28. (2003‑345, s. 2.)