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§1‑75.2.  Definitions.

In this Article the followingwords have the designated meanings:

(1)        "Person"means any natural person, partnership, corporation, body politic, and anyunincorporated association, organization, or society which may sue or be sued undera common name.

(2)        "Plaintiff"means the person named as plaintiff in a civil action, and where in thisArticle acts of the plaintiff are referred to, the reference includes the actsof his agent within the scope of the agent's authority.

(3)        "Defendant"means the person named as defendant in a civil action, and where in thisArticle acts of the defendant are referred to, the reference includes anyperson's acts for which the defendant is legally responsible.  In determiningfor jurisdictional purposes the defendant's legal responsibility for the actsof another, the substantive liability of the defendant to the plaintiff isirrelevant.

(4)        Where jurisdictionof the person is drawn into question in respect to any claim asserted underRule 14 of the Rules of Civil Procedure, the terms "Plaintiff" and"Defendant" as above defined shall include a third‑partyplaintiff and a third‑party defendant respectively.

(5)        "Solicitation"means a request or appeal of any kind, direct or indirect, by oral, written,visual, electronic, or other communication, whether or not the communicationoriginates from outside the State. (1967, c. 954, s. 2; 1993, c.338.)