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§1‑75.3.  Jurisdictional requirements for judgments against persons,status and things.

(a)        Jurisdiction ofSubject Matter Not Affected by This Article. – Nothing in this Article shall beconstrued to confer, enlarge or diminish the subject matter jurisdiction of anycourt.

(b)        PersonalJurisdiction. – A court of this State having jurisdiction of the subject mattermay render a judgment against a party personally only if there exists one ormore of the jurisdictional grounds set forth in G.S. 1‑75.4 or G.S. 1‑75.7and in addition either:

(1)        Personal service orsubstituted personal service of summons, or service of publication of a noticeof service of process is made upon the defendant pursuant to Rule 4(j) or Rule4(j1) of the Rules of Civil Procedure; or

(2)        Service of a summonsis dispensed with under the conditions in G.S. 1‑75.7.

(c)        Jurisdiction in Remor Quasi in Rem. – A court of this State having jurisdiction of the subjectmatter may render a judgment in rem or quasi in rem upon a status or upon aproperty or other things pursuant to G.S. 1‑75.8 and the judgment in suchaction may affect the interests in the status, property or thing of all personsserved pursuant to Rule 4(k) of the Rules of Civil Procedure. (1967,c. 954,  s. 2; 1983, c. 231.)