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State Codes and Statutes

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§1‑83.  Change of venue.

If the county designated forthat purpose in the summons and complaint is not the proper one, the actionmay, however, be tried therein, unless the defendant, before the time ofanswering expires, demands in writing that the trial be conducted in the propercounty, and the place of trial is thereupon changed by consent of parties, or by order of the court.

The court may change the placeof trial in the following cases:

(1)        When the countydesignated for that purpose is not the proper one.

(2)        When the convenienceof witnesses and the ends of justice would be promoted by the change.

(3)        When the judge has,at any time, been interested as party or counsel.

(4)        When motion is madeby the plaintiff and the action is for divorce and the defendant has not beenpersonally served with summons. (R.C., c. 31, ss. 115, 118;C.C.P., s. 69; 1870‑1, c. 20; Code, s. 195; Rev., s. 425; C.S., s. 470;1945, c. 141.)