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§104‑11.1.  Governor may accept a retrocession of jurisdiction overfederal areas.

Whenever a duly authorizedofficial or agent of the United States, acting pursuant to authority conferredby the Congress, notifies the Governor or any other State official, departmentor agency, that the United States desires or is willing to relinquish to theState the jurisdiction, or a portion thereof, held by the United States overthe lands designated in such notice, the Governor may, in his discretion,accept such relinquishment. Such acceptance may be made by sending a notice ofacceptance to the official or agent designated by the United States to receivesuch notice of acceptance. The Governor shall send a signed copy of the noticeof acceptance, together with the notice of relinquishment received from theUnited States, to the Secretary of State, who shall maintain a permanent fileof said notices.

Upon the sending of saidnotice of acceptance to the designated official or agent of the United States,the State shall immediately have such jurisdiction over the lands designated inthe notice of relinquishment as said notice shall specify.

The provisions of this sectionshall apply to the relinquishment of jurisdiction acquired by the United Statesunder the provisions of this Chapter or any other provision of law. (1957,c. 1202.)