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State Codes and Statutes

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§104E‑3.  Declaration of policy.

It is the policy of the Stateof North Carolina in furtherance of its responsibility to protect the publichealth and safety:

(1)        To institute andmaintain a program to permit development and utilization of sources of radiationfor purposes consistent with the health and safety of the public; and

(2)        To prevent anyassociated harmful effects of radiation upon the public through the institutionand maintenance of a regulatory program for all sources of radiation, providingfor:

a.         A single, effectivesystem of regulation within the State;

b.         A system consonantinsofar as possible with those of other states; and

c.         Compatibility withthe standards and regulatory programs of the federal government for by‑product,source and special nuclear materials. (1975, c. 718, s. 1.)