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§ 115C‑105.33. Safe and orderly schools.

A school improvement team or a parent organization at a school may askthe local board of education to provide assistance in promoting or restoringsafety and an orderly learning environment at a school. The school improvementteam or parent organization shall file a copy of this request with the StateBoard. If the local board fails to provide adequate assistance to the school,then the school improvement team or parent organization may ask the State Boardto provide an assistance team to the school.

The State Board may provide an assistance team, established under G.S.115C‑105.38, to a school in order to promote or restore safety and anorderly learning environment at that school if one of the following applies:

(1)        The local board of education or superintendent requests thatthe State Board provide an assistance team to a school and the State Boarddetermines that the school needs assistance.

(2)        The State Board determines within 10 days after its receiptof the request for assistance from a school improvement team or parentorganization of a school that the school needs assistance and that the localboard has failed to provide adequate assistance to that school.

If an assistance team is assigned to a school under this section, theteam shall spend a sufficient amount of time at the school to assess theproblems at the school, assist school personnel with resolving those problems,and work with school personnel and others to develop a long‑term plan forrestoring and maintaining safety and an orderly learning environment at theschool. The assistance team also shall make recommendations to the local boardof education and the superintendent on actions the board and the superintendentshould consider taking to resolve problems at the school. These recommendationsshall be in writing and are public records. If an assistance team is assignedto a school under this section, the powers given to the State Board and theassistance team under G.S. 115C‑105.38 and G.S. 115C‑105.39 shallapply as if the school had been identified as low‑performing under thisArticle. (1997‑443, s.8.29(a)(2).)