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§ 115C‑105.37A. Continually low‑performing schools; definition; assistance andintervention; reassignment of students.

(a)        Definition ofContinually Low‑Performing Schools. – A continually low‑performingschool is a school that has received State‑mandated assistance and hasbeen designated by the State Board as low performing for at least two of threeconsecutive years. If the State Board identifies a school as continually lowperforming:

(1)        The schoolimprovement team at that school shall review its school improvement plan toensure consistency with the plan adopted pursuant to G.S. 115C‑105.38(b)(3),and

(2)        The plan must bereviewed and approved by the State Board of Education.

(b)        Assistance toSchools That Are Low Performing for Two Years. – If a school that has receivedState‑mandated assistance is designated by the State Board as lowperforming for two consecutive years or for two of three consecutive years, theState Board shall provide a series of progressive assistance and interventionstrategies to that school. These strategies shall be designed to improvestudent achievement and to maintain student achievement at appropriate levelsand may include, to the extent that funds are available for this purpose,assistance such as reductions in class size, extension of teacher and assistantprincipal contracts, extension of the instructional year, and grant‑basedassistance.

(c)        Intervention inSchools That Are Low Performing for Three or More Years. – The State Board ofEducation shall develop and implement a series of actions for providingassistance and intervention to schools that have previously received State‑mandated assistance and have been designated by the State Board as lowperforming for three or more consecutive years or for at least three out offour years. These actions shall be the least intrusive actions that areconsistent with the need to improve student achievement at each such school andshall be adapted to the unique characteristics of each such school and theeffectiveness of other actions developed or implemented to improve studentachievement at each such school.  (2001‑424, s. 29.3; 2009‑223, s. 3.)