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Part 1D. Procedural Safeguards.

§ 115C‑109.1.  Handbookfor parents.

The State Board of Educationshall make available to parents a handbook of procedural safeguards. Thishandbook for parents shall be made available at least once each school year,except that a copy also shall be given to the parent (i) upon the initialreferral or parental request for an evaluation; (ii) upon the first occurrenceof the filing of a petition under G.S. 115C‑109.6 and IDEA; (iii) uponthe parent's request; and (iv) upon any revision to the content of thehandbook. This handbook for parents shall include a full explanation of theprocedural safeguards under this Article and IDEA, be written in the nativelanguage of the parent unless it clearly is not feasible to do so, be writtenin an easily understood manner, and include information required under IDEA tobe included.

The State Board shall place acurrent copy of the handbook for parents on its Internet Web site. (2006‑69, s. 2.)