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§ 115C‑109.3.  Access torecords; opportunity for parents to participate in meetings.

(a)        Each localeducational agency shall provide an opportunity for the parents of a child witha disability to examine all records relating to that child and to participatein meetings with respect to the identification, evaluation, and educationalplacement of the child, and the provision of a free appropriate publiceducation to that child.

(b)        Local educationalagencies may release the records of a child with a disability only as permittedunder State or federal law. The parents of a child with a disability may haveaccess to the child's records and may read, inspect, and copy all and anyrecords, data, and information maintained by a local educational agency withrespect to that child. Parents, upon their request, are entitled to have thoserecords, data, and information fully explained, interpreted, and analyzed forthem by the staff of the agency, unless specifically prohibited by court order.If a request is made under this subsection, the local educational agency shallhonor the request within not more than 45 days after it is made or in time forthe individual who made the request to prepare for a meeting under subsection(a) of this section, whichever is sooner.

(c)        The student and thestudent's parents may add written explanations or clarifications to therecords, data, and information and may request the expunction of incorrect,outdated, misleading, or irrelevant entries. If a local educational agencyrefuses to expunge incorrect, outdated, misleading, or irrelevant entries afterhaving been asked to do so by the parent, the parent may appeal that decisionunder G.S. 115C‑45(c)(2). (1977, c. 927, s. 1; 1981, c. 423, s. 1; 2006‑69,s. 2.)