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§ 115C‑150.7. Local plans.

(a)        Each local board of education shall develop a local plandesigned to identify and establish a procedure for providing appropriateeducational services to each academically or intellectually gifted student. The board shall include parents, the school community, representatives of thecommunity, and others in the development of this plan.  The plan may bedeveloped by or in conjunction with other committees.

(b)        Each plan shall include the following components:

(1)        Screening, identification, and placement procedures thatallow for the identification of specific educational needs and for theassignment of academically or intellectually gifted students to appropriateservices.

(2)        A clear statement of the program to be offered that includesdifferent types of services provided in a variety of settings to meet thediversity of identified academically or intellectually gifted students.

(3)        Measurable objectives for the various services that alignwith core curriculum and a method to evaluate the plan and the servicesoffered.  The evaluation shall focus on improved student performance.

(4)        Professional development clearly matched to the goals andobjectives of the plan, the needs of the staff providing services toacademically or intellectually gifted students, the services offered, and thecurricular modifications.

(5)        A plan to involve the school community, parents, andrepresentatives of the local community in the ongoing implementation of thelocal plan, monitoring of the local plan, and integration of educationalservices for academically or intellectually gifted students into the totalschool program.  This should include a public information component.

(6)        The name and role description of the person responsible forimplementation of the plan.

(7)        A procedure to resolve disagreements between parents orguardians and the local school administrative unit when a child is notidentified as an academically or intellectually gifted student or concerningthe appropriateness of services offered to the academically or intellectuallygifted student.

(8)        Any other information the local board considers necessary orappropriate to implement this Article or to improve the educational performanceof academically or intellectually gifted students.

(c)        Upon its approval of the plan developed under this section,the local board shall submit the plan to the State Board of Education for itsreview and comments.  The local board shall consider the comments it receivesfrom the State Board before it implements the plan.

(d)        A plan shall remain in effect for no more than three years;however, the local board may amend the plan as often as it considers necessaryor appropriate.  Any changes to a plan shall be submitted to the State Board ofEducation for its review and comments.  The local board shall consider theState Board's comments before it implements the changes. (1996, 2nd Ex. Sess., c. 18, s. 18.24(f).)