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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 115C‑164. Building trades training.

In the establishment and implementation of production work experiencepolicies, the State Board of Education shall be guided as follows:

(1)        Local boards of education may use supplementary tax funds orother local funds available for the support of vocational and technicaleducation to purchase and develop suitable building sites on which dwellings orother buildings are to be constructed by vocational and technical educationtrade classes of each public school operated by local boards of education. Local boards of education may use these funds for each school to pay the feesnecessary in securing and recording deeds to these properties for each publicschool operated by local boards of education and to purchase all materialsneeded to complete the construction of buildings by vocational and technicaleducation trade classes and for development of site and property by othervocational and technical education classes.  Local boards of education may usethese funds to acquire skilled services, including electrical, plumbing,heating, sewer, water, transportation, grading, and landscaping needed in theconstruction and completion of buildings, that cannot be supplied by thestudents in vocational and technical education trade classes.

(2)        Local boards of education may, in conjunction with or inlieu of subdivision (1) of this section, contract with recognized buildingtrades educational foundations or associations in the purchase of land for theconstruction and development of buildings: Provided however, that all contractsshall be in accordance with the requirements set forth by the State Board ofEducation. (1977, c. 490, s.4; 1981, c. 423, s. 1; 1993, c. 180, s. 3.)