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§ 115C‑206.  StateBoard of Education; duties; responsibilities.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall prepare and present tothe State Board of Education recommendations for general guidelines forencouraging increased community involvement in the public schools and use ofpublic school facilities. These recommendations shall include, but shall not belimited to provisions for:

(1)        The use of public school facilities by governmental,charitable or civic organizations for activities within the community.

(2)        The utilization of the talents and abilities of volunteerswithin the community for the enhancement of public school programs includingtutoring, counseling and cultural programs and projects.

(3)        Increased communications between the staff and faculty ofthe public schools, other community institutions and agencies, and citizens inthe community.

Based on the recommendations of the Superintendent of PublicInstruction, the State Board of Education shall adopt appropriate policies andguidelines for encouraging increased community involvement in the publicschools and use of the public school facilities. (1977, c. 682; 1981, c. 423, s. 1; 1995, c. 450, s.8.)