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§ 115C‑207.  Authorityand responsibility of local boards of education.

Every local board of educationthat uses State funds to implement programs under this Article shall:

(1)        Develop programs andplans for increased community involvement in the public schools based uponpolicies and guidelines adopted by the State Board of Education.

(1a)      Develop policies andprograms designed to encourage the use of community‑based academicbooster organizations, which may be known as Community Achievement Network – DevelopingOur Educational Resources (CAN DOER) organizations, to provide tutoring andother appropriate services to encourage and support student academicachievement.

(1b)      Develop policiesand/or procedures for approving the use of volunteer organizations and forapproving the use of individual volunteers.

(1c)      Develop policiesand/or procedures designed to make information available to parents andstudents about what tutoring and other academic support services are availableto students in the community or through school volunteers or other communityorganizations.

(2)        Develop programs andplans for increased community use of public school facilities based uponpolicies and guidelines adopted by the State Board of Education.

(3)        Establish rulesgoverning the implementation of such programs and plans in its public schoolsand submit these rules along with adopted programs and plans to the State Boardof Education for approval by the State Board of Education.

Programs and plans developedby a local board of education may provide for the establishment of one or morecommunity schools advisory councils for the public schools under the board'sjurisdiction and for the employment of one or more community schoolscoordinators. The local board of education shall establish the terms andconditions of employment for the community schools coordinators.

Every local board of educationusing State funds to implement a community schools program under this Articlemay enter into agreements with other local boards of education, agencies andinstitutions for the joint development of plans and programs and the jointexpenditure of these State funds.  (1977, c. 682; 1981, c. 423, s. 1; 1995, c. 450, s.9; 2009‑453, s. 1.)