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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 115C‑208. Community schools advisory councils; duties; responsibilities; membership.

Every local board of education that establishes a community schoolsprogram under this Article may establish one or more community schools advisorycouncils which may become involved in matters affecting the educational processin accordance with rules established by the local board of education andapproved by the State Board of Education and further may consider ways ofincreasing community involvement in the public schools and utilization ofpublic school facilities. Community schools advisory councils may assist localboards of education in the development and preparation of the plans andprograms to achieve such goals, may assist in the implementation of such plansand programs and may provide such other assistance as may be requested by thelocal boards of education.

Community schools advisory councils may work with local schoolofficials and personnel, parent‑teacher organizations, and communitygroups and agencies in providing maximum opportunities for public schools toserve the communities, and may encourage the maximum use of volunteers in thepublic schools.

At least one half of the members of each community schools advisorycouncil should be the parents of students in the particular public schoolsystem: Provided, that less than twenty‑five percent (25%) of the pupilsattending a particular school reside outside the immediate community of theschool, at least one half of the members should be parents of students in theparticular school for which the advisory council is established. Whereverpossible the local board of education is encouraged to include at least onehigh school student. The size of the councils and the terms of membership onthe councils shall be determined by the local board of education in accordancewith the State guidelines. (1977, c. 682; 1979, c. 828; 1981, c. 423, s. 1; 1995, c. 450, s. 10.)