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Part 6A.Charter Schools.

§ 115C‑238.29A. Purpose.

The purpose of this Part is toauthorize a system of charter schools to provide opportunities for teachers,parents, pupils, and community members to establish and maintain schools thatoperate independently of existing schools, as a method to accomplish all of thefollowing:

(1)        Improve studentlearning;

(2)        Increase learningopportunities for all students, with special emphasis on expanded learningexperiences for students who are identified as at risk of academic failure oracademically gifted;

(3)        Encourage the use ofdifferent and innovative teaching methods;

(4)        Create newprofessional opportunities for teachers, including the opportunities to beresponsible for the learning program at the school site;

(5)        Provide parents andstudents with expanded choices in the types of educational opportunities thatare available within the public school system; and

(6)        Hold the schoolsestablished under this Part accountable for meeting measurable studentachievement results, and provide the schools with a method to change from rule‑basedto performance‑based accountability systems. (1995 (Reg. Sess., 1996), c.731, s. 2.)