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§ 115C‑238.31. Extended services programs.

(a)        Local school administrative units are encouraged toimplement extended services programs that will expand students' opportunitiesfor educational success through high‑quality, integrated access toinstructional programming during nonschool hours.  Extended services programsmay be incorporated into school improvement plans developed in accordance withG.S. 115C‑105.27.  Calendar alternatives include, but are not limited to,after‑school hours, before‑school hours, evening school, Saturdayschool, summer school, and year‑round school.  Instructional programmingmay include, but is not limited to, tutoring, direct instruction, enrichmentactivities, study skills, and reinforcement projects.

(b)        Extended services programs shall be targeted primarilytoward students who perform significantly below their age‑level peers;however, these programs may be established for students who are achieving at orabove grade level.

(c)        Extended services programs should be accelerated and basedon needs assessments of the students in the program.  The programs shall buildon, and be fully integrated with, existing classroom and school activities.

(d)        Extended services programs may be based in schools,collaboratively between schools, or in other community‑based locations. (1993, c. 132; 1995 (Reg. Sess., 1996), c. 716, s.24.)