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§ 115C‑238.52.  Participation by other educationpartners.

(a)        Any or all of the following education partners mayparticipate in the development of a cooperative innovative program under thisPart that is targeted to high school students who would benefit fromaccelerated academic instruction:

(1),       (2)  Repealed by Session Laws 2005‑276, s. 7.33(a),effective July 1, 2005.

(3)        A private business or organization.

(4)        The county board of commissioners in the county in which theprogram is located.

(b)        Any or all of the education partners listed in subsection(a) of this section that participate shall:

(1)        Jointly apply with the local board of education and thelocal board of trustees to establish a cooperative innovative program underthis Part.

(2)        Be identified in the application.

(3)        Sign the written agreement under G.S. 115C‑238.53(b). (2003‑277, s. 2; 2005‑276, s. 7.33(a).)