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§ 115C‑238.53.  Program operation.

(a)        A program approved by the State is accountable to the localboard of education.

(b)        A program approved under this Part shall operate under theterms of a written agreement signed by the local board of education, localboard of trustees, State Board of Education, and applicable governing Board.The agreement shall incorporate the information provided in the application, asmodified during the approval process, and any terms and conditions imposed onthe program by the State Board of Education and the applicable governing Board.The agreement may be for a term of no longer than five school years.

(c)        A program may be operated in a facility owned or leased bythe local board of education, the local board of trustees, or the educationpartner, if any.

(d)        A program approved under this Part shall provide instructioneach school year for at least 180 days during nine calendar months, shallcomply with laws and policies relating to the education of students withdisabilities, and shall comply with Article 27 of this Chapter.

(e)        A program approved under this Part may use State, federal,and local funds allocated to the local school administrative unit, to theapplicable governing Board, and to the college or university to implement theprogram. If there is an education partner and if it is a public body, theprogram may use State, federal, and local funds allocated to that body.

(f)         Except as provided in this Part and under the terms of theagreement, a program may be exempted by the applicable governing Board fromlaws and rules applicable to a local board of education, a local schooladministrative unit, a community college, a constituent institution, or a localboard of trustees. (2003‑277, s. 2;2005‑276, s. 7.33(a).)