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§ 115C‑296.5.  NorthCarolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching; powers and duties of trustees;reporting requirement.

(a)        The North CarolinaCenter for the Advancement of Teaching (hereinafter called "NCCAT"),through itself or agencies with which it may contract, shall:

(1)        Provide careerteachers with opportunities to study advanced topics in the sciences, arts, andhumanities and to engage in informed discourse, assisted by able mentors andoutstanding leaders from all walks of life; and

(2)        Offer opportunitiesfor teachers to engage in scholarly pursuits through a center dedicatedexclusively to the advancement of teaching as an art and as a profession.

(b)        Priority foradmission to NCCAT opportunities shall be given to teachers with teaching experienceof 15 years or less.

(c)        NCCAT may alsoprovide training and support for beginning teachers to enhance their skills andin support of the State's effort to recruit and retain beginning teachers.

(d)        The Board ofTrustees of the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching shallhold all the powers and duties necessary or appropriate for the effectivedischarge of the functions of NCCAT.

(e)        The ExecutiveDirector shall submit a copy of the NCCAT annual report to the Chair of theState Board of Education at the time of issuance.  (1985, c. 479, s. 74; 2006‑66,s. 9.15(a); 2009‑451, ss. 9.13(b), (c).)