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Part8. Sexual Harassment Policies.

§ 115C‑335.5.  Policies addressing harassment ofschool employees; protection against retaliation for reporting harassment.

(a)        Each local board of education may adopt a policy addressingthe sexual harassment of local board employees by students, other local boardemployees, or school board members. The policy may, at a minimum, set out (i)the consequences of sexually harassing school employees and (ii) a procedurefor reporting incidents of sexual harassment.

(b)        No local board of education or employee of a local boardshall discharge, threaten, or otherwise retaliate against another employee ofthe board regarding that employee's compensation, terms, conditions, location,or privileges of employment because the employee files a written complaintalleging sexual harassment by students, other local board employees, or schoolboard members, unless the employee reporting the harassment knew or should haveknown the report was false. (1999‑352, s.1; 2001‑173, s. 1.)