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State Codes and Statutes

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Article 24.

Interstate Agreement on Qualifications of EducationalPersonnel.

§ 115C‑349.  Purpose, findings, and policy.

(a)        The states party to this agreement, desiring by commonaction to improve their respective school systems by utilizing the teacher orother professional educational person wherever educated, declare that it is thepolicy of each of them, on the basis of cooperation with one another, to takeadvantage of the preparation and experience of such persons wherever gained,thereby serving the best interests of society, of education, and of theteaching profession. It is the purpose of this agreement to provide for thedevelopment and execution of such programs of cooperation as will facilitatethe movement of teachers and other professional educational personnel among thestates party to it, and to authorize specific interstate educational personnelcontracts to achieve that end.

(b)        The party states find that included in the large movement ofpopulation among all sections of the nation are many qualified educationalpersonnel who move for family and other personal reasons but who are hinderedin using their professional skill and experience  in their new locations.Variations from state to state in requirements for qualifying educational personneldiscourage such personnel from taking the steps necessary to qualify in otherstates. As a consequence, a significant number of professionally prepared andexperienced educators is lost to our school systems. Facilitating theemployment of qualified educational personnel, without reference to theirstates of origin, can increase the available educational resources.Participation in this Compact can increase the availability of educationalmanpower. (1969, c. 631, s.1; 1981, c. 423, s. 1.)