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§ 115C‑350. Definitions.

As used in this agreement and contracts made pursuant to it, unless thecontext clearly requires otherwise:

(1)        "Accept" or any variant thereof, means torecognize and give effect to one or more determinations of another state relatingto the qualifications of educational personnel in lieu of making or requiring alike determination that would otherwise be required by or pursuant to the lawsof a receiving state.

(2)        "Designated state official" means the educationalofficial of a state selected by that state to negotiate and enter into, onbehalf of his state, contracts pursuant to this agreement.

(3)        "Educational personnel" means persons who mustmeet requirements pursuant to state law as a condition of employment ineducational programs.

(4)        "Originating state" means a state (and thesubdivision thereof, if any) whose determination that certain educationalpersonnel are qualified to be employed for specific duties in schools, isacceptable in accordance with the terms of a contract made pursuant to G.S.115C‑351.

(5)        "Receiving state" means a state (and thesubdivisions thereof) which accepts educational personnel in accordance withthe terms of a contract made pursuant to G.S. 115C‑351.

(6)        "State" means a state, territory, or possession ofthe United States; the District of Columbia; or the Commonwealth of PuertoRico. (1969, c. 631, s. 1; 1981,c. 423, s. 1.)