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§ 115C‑366.1. Local boards of education; tuition charges.

(a)        Local boards of education may charge tuition to thefollowing persons:

(1)        Persons of school age who are not domiciliaries of theState.

(2)        Persons of school age who are domiciliaries of the State butwho do not reside within the school administrative unit or district.

(3)        Persons of school age who reside on a military or navalreservation located within the State and who are not domiciliaries of theState. Provided, however, that no person of school age residing on a militaryor naval reservation located within the State and who attends the publicschools within the State may be charged tuition if federal funds designed tocompensate for the impact on public schools of military dependent persons ofschool age are funded by the federal government at not less than fifty percent(50%) of the total per capita cost of education in the State, exclusive ofcapital outlay and debt service, for elementary or secondary pupils, as thecase may be, of such school administrative unit.

(4)        Persons who are 21 years of age or older before thebeginning of the school year in which they wish to enroll.

(b)        The tuition charge for a student shall not exceed theamount  of per pupil local funding.

(c)        The tuition required in this section shall be determined bylocal boards of education each August 1 prior to the beginning of a new schoolyear. (1981, c. 567, ss. 2‑4;1982, Ex. Sess., c. 2, ss. 1, 2; 1983 (Reg. Sess., 1984), c. 1034, s. 22; 1985,c. 780, s. 2.)