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Article 25A.

Special Medical Needs ofStudents.

§ 115C‑375.1.  Toprovide some medical care to students.

It is within the scope of dutyof teachers, including substitute teachers, teacher assistants, studentteachers, or any other public school employee when authorized by the board ofeducation or its designee, (i) to administer any drugs or medication prescribedby a doctor upon written request of the parents, (ii) to give emergency healthcare when reasonably apparent circumstances indicate that any delay wouldseriously worsen the physical condition or endanger the life of the pupil, and(iii) to perform any other first aid or lifesaving techniques in which theemployee has been trained in a program approved by the State Board ofEducation. No employee, however, shall be required to administer drugs ormedication or attend lifesaving techniques programs.

Any public school employee,authorized by the board of education or its designee to act under (i), (ii), or(iii) above, shall not be liable in civil damages for any authorized act or forany omission relating to that act unless the act or omission amounts to grossnegligence, wanton conduct, or intentional wrongdoing. Any person, serving in avoluntary position at the request of or with the permission or consent of theboard of education or its designee, who has been given the authority by theboard of education or its designee to act under (ii) above shall not be liablein civil damages for any authorized act or for any omission relating to the actunless the act amounts to gross negligence, wanton conduct, or intentionalwrongdoing.

At the commencement of eachschool year, but before the beginning of classes, and thereafter ascircumstances require, the principal of each school shall determine whichpersons will participate in the medical care program. (2005‑22, s. 2(b); 2006‑264,ss. 57(a), (c).)