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§ 115C‑403. Flagging and verification of student records; notification of law enforcementagencies.

(a)        Upon notification by a law enforcement agency or the NorthCarolina Center for Missing Persons of a child's disappearance, thesuperintendent of a local school administrative unit or his designee shall flagor mark the record of any child who is currently or was previously enrolled ina school of that unit and who is reported as missing. The flag or mark shall bemade in such a manner that when a copy of or information regarding the recordis requested, school personnel are alerted to the fact that the record is thatof a missing child.

Before providing a copy of the school record or other informationconcerning the child whose record is flagged pursuant to this section, thesuperintendent or his designee shall notify the agency that requested that therecord be flagged of every inquiry made concerning the flagged record, andshall provide a copy to the agency of any written request for information concerningthe flagged record.

(b)        When any child transfers from one school system to anotherschool system, the receiving school shall, within 30 days of the child'senrollment, obtain the child's record from the school from which the child istransferring. If the child's parent, custodian, or guardian provides a copy ofthe child's record from the school from which the child is transferring, thereceiving school shall, within 30 days of the child's enrollment, requestwritten verification of the school record by contacting the school orinstitution named on the transferring child's record. Upon receipt of arequest, the principal or the principal's designee of the school from which thechild is transferring shall not withhold the record or verification for any reason,except as is authorized under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.Any information received indicating that the transferring child is a missingchild shall be reported to the North Carolina Center for Missing Persons. (1989, c. 331, s. 1; 1998‑220, s. 12.)