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§ 115C‑68.  Mergerof units in adjoining counties.

(a)        Boards of education of contiguous counties or boards ofeducation in a group of counties in which each county is contiguous with atleast one other county in the group, and any city school administrative unitlocated in counties to be merged, may merge school administrative units uponapproval by the State Board of Education of a written plan for merger submittedby the boards of education involved and bearing the approval of the tax‑levyingbody for the school units. The plan shall be consistent with the GeneralStatutes,  shall contain provisions covering those items listed in G.S. 115C‑67(providing for the merger of units in the same county), and shall contain anyother provision deemed necessary or appropriate by the State Board of Educationor the local boards of education for the merger of school units in two or morecounties.

(b)        The plan of merger, including any arrangements for financingor taxing for the schools in the new local school administrative unit, may be,but is not required to be, submitted for the approval of the voters of thegeographic area affected in a referendum or election called for the purpose ofapproving these matters. Such elections or referendums, if held, shall be held underthe provisions governing elections or referendums as set forth in G.S. 115C‑507.Each board of county commissioners shall have authority to have such electionsor referendums conducted by the board of elections of its county under theprovisions set forth in G.S. 115C‑507.

(c)        If twenty percent (20%) of the qualified voters of a countyto be merged petition the board of county commissioners of their county for anelection as to whether their county shall be included in the proposed merger,the board of county commissioners shall call an election on this question forits county under the provisions of G.S.  115C‑507. The petition must besubmitted to the board of county commissioners within 10 days following thepublic hearing required by G.S. 115C‑67 on the proposed plan of merger.The board of county commissioners shall have authority to have such an electionconducted by the board of election of its county under the provisions set forthin G.S. 115C‑507.

(d)        Boards of education considering a merger of two or morecounties may spend money necessary for studying and preparing for such amerger. (1969, c. 828;1981, c. 423, s. 1.)