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§ 122C‑16.  (This Articlehas a contingent effective date – see note) State/Local Consumer Advocate;resolution of complaints.

(a)        Following receiptof a complaint, a Consumer Advocate shall attempt to resolve the complaintusing, whenever possible, informal mediation, conciliation, and persuasion.

(b)        If a complaintconcerns a particular consumer, the consumer may participate in determiningwhat course of action the Consumer Advocate should take on the consumer'sbehalf. If the consumer has an opinion concerning a course of action, theConsumer Advocate shall consider the consumer's opinion.

(c)        Following receiptof a complaint, a Consumer Advocate shall contact the service provider to allowthe service provider the opportunity to respond, provide additionalinformation, or initiate action to resolve the complaint.

(d)        Complaints orconditions adversely affecting consumers that cannot be resolved in the mannerdescribed in subsection (a) of this section shall be referred by the ConsumerAdvocate to the appropriate licensing agency under Article 2 of this Chapter. (2001‑437, s. 2; 2002‑126,s. 10.30; 2003‑284, s. 10.10; 2005‑276, s. 10.27.)