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§122C‑224.4.  Rehearings.

(a)        A minor admitted toa 24‑hour facility upon order of the court for further diagnosis andevaluation shall have the right to a rehearing if the responsible professionaldetermines that the minor is in need of further treatment beyond the timeauthorized by the court for diagnosis and evaluation.

(b)        A minor admitted toa 24‑hour facility upon the concurrence of the court shall have the rightto a rehearing for further concurrence in continued treatment before the end ofthe period authorized by the court.  The court shall review the continuedadmission in accordance with the hearing procedures in this Part.  The courtmay order discharge of the minor if the minor no longer meets the criteria foradmission.  If the minor continues to meet the criteria for admission the courtshall concur with the continued admission of the minor and set the length ofthe authorized admission for a period not to exceed 180 days.  Subsequentrehearings shall be scheduled at the end of each subsequent authorizedtreatment period, but no longer than every 180 days.

(c)        The responsibleprofessional shall notify the clerk, no later than 15 days before the end ofthe authorized admission, that continued stay beyond the authorized admissionis recommended for the minor.  The clerk shall calendar the rehearing to beheld before the end of the current authorized admission. (1987,c. 370, s. 1.)