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§122C‑27.  Powers of the Secretary.

The Secretary shall:

(1)        Administer andenforce the provisions, rules, and decisions pursuant to this Article;

(2)        Appoint hearingofficers to conduct appeals under this Article;

(3)        Prescribe by rulethe contents of the application for licensure and renewal;

(4)        Inspect facilitiesand records of each facility to be licensed under this Article under the rulesand decisions pursuant to this Article;

(5)        Issue a license upona finding that the applicant and facility comply with the provisions of thisArticle and the rules of the Commission and the Secretary;

(6)        Define by ruleprocedures for submission of periodic reports by facilities licensed under thisArticle;

(7)        Grant, deny,suspend, or revoke a license under this Article;

(8)        In accordance withrules of the Commission, make final agency decisions for appeals from thedenial, suspension, or revocation of a license in accordance with G.S. 122C‑24;and

(9)        In accordance withrules of the Commission, grant waiver for good cause of any rules implementingthis Article that do not affect the health, safety, or welfare of individualswithin a licensable facility. (1983, c. 718, s. 1; 1985, c.589, s. 2.)