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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 122C‑415.  ButnerLands Commission.

(a)        There is created aButner Lands Commission to consist of nine members, to be appointed inaccordance with this section.

(b)        The Butner LandsCommission shall consist of nine members, two appointed by the Town of Butner,two appointed by Granville County, two appointed by the Secretary, oneappointed by the Commissioner of the North Carolina Department of Agricultureand Consumer Services, one appointed by the Secretary of Commerce, and oneappointed by the Governor on or before September 1, 2007. The Butner LandsCommission shall make recommendations to the Governor on or before September 1,2008, concerning:

(1)        Land owned by theState of North Carolina in the Butner Reservation that may be well‑suitedto the creation of a mega‑site business and industrial park.

(2)        Land owned by theState of North Carolina that should be released for private commercial andresidential development.

(3)        The use of otherlands within the Butner Reservation that will promote agricultural research anddevelopment, the development and growth of State institutions, and thepreservation of natural lands. (2007‑269, s. 11.)