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§125‑8.  Department of Cultural Resources authorized to accept andadminister funds from federal government and other agencies.

The Department of CulturalResources is hereby authorized and empowered to receive, accept and administerany money or moneys appropriated or granted to it, separate and apart from theappropriation by the State for the Department of Cultural Resources, forproviding and equalizing public library service in North Carolina:

(1)        By the federalgovernment and,

(2)        By any other agencies,private and/or otherwise.

The fund herein provided forshall be administered by the Department of Cultural Resources, which Departmentshall frame bylaws, rules and regulations for the allocation and administrationof this fund. This fund shall be used to increase, improve, stimulate andequalize library service to people of the whole State, and shall be used for noother purpose whatsoever except as hereinafter provided, and shall be allocatedamong the counties of the State, taking into consideration local needs, areaand population to be served, local interests as evidenced by localappropriations, and such other factors as may affect the State program oflibrary service. Any gift or grant from the federal government or other sourcesshall become a part of said funds, to be used as part of the State fund, or maybe invested as the Department of Cultural Resources may deem advisable,according to provisions of G.S. 125‑5(5), the income to be used for thepromotion of libraries as stated in this section. (1955, c. 505, s. 3; 1973, c.476, s. 84.)