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State Personnel System.

Article 1.

State Personnel SystemEstablished.

§ 126‑1.  Purpose ofChapter; application to local employees.

It is the intent and purposeof this Chapter to establish for the government of the State a system ofpersonnel administration under the Governor, based on accepted principles ofpersonnel administration and applying the best methods as evolved in governmentand industry. It is also the intent of this Chapter that this system ofpersonnel administration shall apply to local employees paid entirely or inpart from federal funds, except to the extent that local governing boards areauthorized by this Chapter to establish local rules, local pay plans, and localpersonnel systems. It is also the intent of this Chapter to make provisions fora decentralized system of personnel administration, where appropriate, andwithout additional cost to the State, with the State Personnel Commission asthe policy and rule‑making body. The Office of State Personnel shall makerecommendations for policies and rules to the Commission based on research andstudy in the field of personnel management, develop and administer statewidestandards and criteria for good personnel management, provide training andtechnical assistance to all agencies, departments, and institutions, provideoversight, which includes conducting audits to monitor compliance withestablished State Personnel Commission policies and rules, administer a systemfor implementing necessary corrective actions when the rule, standards, orcriteria are not met, and serve as the central repository for State PersonnelSystem data. The agency, department, and institution heads shall be responsibleand accountable for execution of Commission policies and rules for theiremployees. (1965, c. 640, s. 2; 1997‑349, s. 1.)