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§126‑14.3.  Open and fair competition.

The State Personnel Commissionshall adopt rules or policies to:

(1)        Assure recruitment,selection, and hiring procedures that encourage open and fair competition forpositions in State government employment and that encourage the hiring of adiverse State government workforce.

(2)        Assure the properand thorough advertisement of job openings in State government employment andlengthen, as appropriate, the period for submitting applications for Stategovernment employment.

(3)        Require that aclosing date shall be posted for each job opening, unless an exception forcritical classifications has been approved by the State Personnel Commission.

(4)        Require that timelywritten notice shall be provided to each unsuccessful applicant for Stateemployment who is in the pool of the most qualified applicants for a position,as defined by G.S. 126‑14.2(b).

(5)        Assure that Statedepartments, agencies, and institutions follow similar selection processes whenhiring State employees in accordance with this Chapter.

(6)        Assure that Statesupervisory and management personnel, and personnel professionals, receiveadequate training and continuing education to carry out the State's policy ofhiring from among the most qualified persons.

(7)        Establish amonitoring system to measure the effectiveness of State agency personnelprocedures to promote fairness and reduce adverse impact on all demographicgroups in the State government workforce.

(8)        Otherwise implementthe State's policy of nonpolitical hiring practices in accordance with thisChapter. (1997‑520, s. 1.)