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§126‑75.  Work options for State employees.

(a)        The following workoptions allowed State employees are to be included in the program administeredunder this Article:

(1)        Flexible work hoursas established by the State Personnel Commission;

(2)        Job sharing aspermitted by the State Personnel Commission;

(3)        Permanent part‑timepositions as established under the State  Personnel Act.

(b)        The State PersonnelCommission shall examine the present options listed in subsection (a) of thissection available to State employees and other options the State PersonnelCommission may make available for a comprehensive program of work options forState employees. The State Personnel Commission shall, with the concurrence ofthe agency, determine the need for additional permanent part‑timepositions within State Government and how increased use of these positionscould benefit employee morale and productivity as well as increase the use ofthe available labor force. None of the provisions  of this Article shall beadministered to reduce the total number of hours per day a State officenormally is open to serve the public. (1981, c. 917, s. 1.)