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Protection for ReportingImproper Government Activities.

§ 126‑84.  Statement ofpolicy.

(a)        It is the policy ofthis State that State employees shall be encouraged to report verbally or inwriting to their supervisor, department head, or other appropriate authority,evidence of activity by a State agency or State employee constituting:

(1)        A violation of Stateor federal law, rule or regulation;

(2)        Fraud;

(3)        Misappropriation ofState resources;

(4)        Substantial andspecific danger to the public health and safety; or

(5)        Gross mismanagement,a gross waste of monies, or gross abuse of authority.

(b)        Further, it is thepolicy of this State that State employees be free of intimidation or harassmentwhen reporting to public bodies about matters of public concern, includingoffering testimony to or testifying before appropriate legislative panels. (1989,c. 236, s. 1; 1997‑520, s. 5.)