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§131A‑2.  Legislative findings.

It is hereby declared to bethe policy of the State of North Carolina to promote the public health andwelfare by providing means for financing, refinancing, acquiring, constructing,equipping and providing of health care facilities to serve the people of theState and to make accessible to them modern and efficient health carefacilities.

The General Assembly herebyfinds and declares that:

(1)        There is a need toovercome existing and anticipated physical and technical obsolescence ofexisting health care facilities and to provide additional modern and efficienthealth care facilities in the State; and

(2)        Unless measures areadopted to alleviate such need, the shortage of such facilities will becomeincreasingly more urgent and serious; and

(3)        In order to meetsuch shortage and thereby promote the public health and welfare of the peopleof the State, it is necessary for the State to assist in the providing ofadequate modern and efficient health care facilities in the State so thathealth and hospital care and services may be expanded, improved and fostered tothe fullest extent practicable.

The General Assembly herebyfurther finds and declares that the financing, refinancing, acquiring,constructing, equipping and providing of health care facilities are public usesand public purposes and that enactment of this Chapter is necessary and properfor effectuating the purposes hereof. (1975, c. 766, s. 1; 1993, c.553, s. 42.)