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§ 131E‑128.3.  Staff orientation on medicationerror prevention.

The nursing home administrator shall ensure that the nursing homeprovide a minimum of one hour of education and training in the prevention ofactual or potential medication‑related errors. This training shall beprovided upon orientation and annually thereafter to all nonphysician personnelinvolved in direct patient care. The content of the training shall include atleast the following:

(1)        General information relevant to the administration ofmedications including terminology, procedures, routes of medicationadministration, potential side effects, and adverse reactions.

(2)        Additional instruction on categories of medicationpertaining to the specific needs of the patient receiving the medication.

(3)        The facility's policy and procedures regarding itsmedication administration system.

(4)        How to assist patients with safe and accurate self‑administrationof medication, where appropriate.

(5)        Identifying and reporting actual and potential medication‑relatederrors. (2003‑393, s. 1.)