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§ 131E‑154.13. Definitions.

The following definitionsapply in this Part, unless otherwise specified:

(1)        Independent ReviewOrganization. – The organization responsible for the application, review, anddetermination process for NC NOVA designation.

(2)        North Carolina NewOrganizational Vision Award (NC NOVA). – A special licensure designation forhome care agencies and nursing homes licensed pursuant to this Chapter, andadult care homes licensed pursuant to Article 1 of Chapter 131D of the GeneralStatutes, that have been determined through written and on‑site review byan independent review organization to have met a comprehensive set of workplacerelated interventions intended to improve the recruitment and retention,quality, and job satisfaction of direct care staff and the care provided tolong‑term care clients and residents.

(3)        NC NOVA PartnerTeam. – The entity responsible for developing the criteria and protocols forthe NC NOVA special licensure designation. The Partner Team is inclusive ofrepresentatives from the following organizations: Association for Home andHospice Care of North Carolina, Direct Care Workers Association of NorthCarolina, Duke University Gerontological Nursing Program, Friends of Residentsin Long Term Care, North Carolina Assisted Living Association, North CarolinaAssociation of Long Term Care Facilities, North Carolina Association of Non‑ProfitHomes for the Aging, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services,North Carolina Foundation for Advanced Health Programs, North Carolina HealthCare Facilities Association, The Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence, andthe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Institute on Aging.

(4)        NC NOVA ProviderInformation Manual. – The document developed by the NC NOVA Partner Team thatspecifies the scope of criteria for NC NOVA designation as well as informationand procedures pertaining to the application, review, determination, andtermination process. (2006‑104, s. 1.)