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§ 131E‑16.  Definitions.

As used in this Part, unless otherwise specified:

(1)        "Board of county commissioners" means thelegislative body charged with governing the county.

(2)        "Bonds" means any bonds or notes issued by thehospital authority pursuant to this Part and the Local Government Finance Act,Chapter 159 of the General Statutes.

(3)        "City" means any city or town which is, or isabout to be, included in the territorial boundaries of a hospital authoritywhen created hereunder.

(4)        "City clerk" and "mayor" means the clerkand mayor, respectively, of the city, or the officers thereof charged with theduties customarily imposed on the clerk and mayor, respectively.

(5)        "City council" means the legislative body,council, board of commissioners, board of trustees, or other body charged withgoverning the city or town.

(6)        "Commissioner" means one of the members of ahospital authority appointed in accordance with the provisions of this Part.

(7)        "Community general hospital" means a short‑termnonfederal hospital that provides diagnostic and therapeutic services topatients for a variety of medical conditions, both surgical and nonsurgical,such services being available for use primarily by residents of the communityin which it is located.

(8)        "Contract" means any agreement of a hospitalauthority with or for the benefit of an obligee whether contained in aresolution, trust indenture, mortgage, lease, bond or other instrument.

(9)        "Corporation, foreign or domestic, authorized to dobusiness in North Carolina" means a corporation for profit or having acapital stock which is created and organized under Chapter 55 of the GeneralStatutes or any other general or special act of this State, or a foreigncorporation which has procured a certificate of authority to transact businessin this State pursuant to Article 10 of Chapter 55 of the General Statutes.

(10)      "County" means the county which is, or is about tobe, included in the territorial boundaries of a hospital authority when createdhereunder.

(11)      "County clerk" and "chairman of the board ofcounty commissioners" means the clerk and chairman, respectively, of thecounty or the officers thereof charged with the duties customarily imposed onthe clerk and chairman, respectively.

(12)      "Federal government" means the United States ofAmerica, or any agency, instrumentality, corporate or otherwise, of the UnitedStates of America.

(13)      "Government" means the State and federalgovernments and any subdivision, agency or instrumentality, corporate or otherwise,of either of them.

(14)      "Hospital authority" means a public body and a bodycorporate and politic organized under the provisions of this Part.

(15)      "Hospital facilities" means any one or morebuildings, structures, additions, extensions, improvements or other facilities,whether or not located on the same site or sites, machinery, equipment,furnishings or other real or personal property suitable for health care ormedical care; and includes, without limitation, general hospitals; chronicdisease, maternity, mental, tuberculosis and other specialized hospitals;nursing homes, including skilled nursing facilities and intermediate carefacilities; adult care homes for the aged and disabled; public health centerfacilities; housing or quarters for local public health departments; facilitiesfor intensive care and self‑care; clinics and outpatient facilities;clinical, pathological and other laboratories; health care research facilities;laundries; residences and training facilities for nurses, interns, physiciansand other staff members; food preparation and food service facilities;administrative buildings, central service and other administrative facilities;communication, computer and other electronic facilities; fire‑fightingfacilities; pharmaceutical and recreational facilities; storage space; X ray,laser, radiotherapy and other apparatus and equipment; dispensaries; utilities;vehicular parking lots and garages; office facilities for hospital staffmembers and physicians; and such other health and hospital facilitiescustomarily under the jurisdiction of or provided by hospitals, or anycombination of the foregoing, with all necessary, convenient or relatedinterests in land, machinery, apparatus, appliances, equipment, furnishings,appurtenances, site preparation, landscaping and physical amenities.

(15a)    "Hospital land" means air and ground rights to realproperty held either in fee or by lease by a hospital authority, with alleasements, rights‑of‑way, appurtenances, landscaping, and physicalamenities such as utilities, parking lots, and garages, but excluding otherimprovements to land described in G.S. 131E‑6(4) and subsection (15) ofthis section.

(16)      "Municipality" means any county, city, town orincorporated village, other than a city as defined above, which is locatedwithin or partially within the territorial boundaries of an authority.

(17)      "Real property" means lands, lands under water,structures, and any and all easements, franchises and incorporeal hereditamentsand every estate and right therein, legal and equitable, including terms foryears and liens by way of judgment, mortgage or otherwise.

(18)      "State" means the State of North Carolina. (1943, c. 780, s. 3; 1971, c. 780, s. 22; c. 799;1983, c. 775, s. 1; 1995, c. 535, s. 19; 1997‑233, s. 3.)