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§ 131E‑214.3. Patient data not public records.

(a)        The following are not public records under Chapter 132 ofthe General Statutes:

(1)        Patient data furnished to and maintained by a statewide dataprocessor pursuant to this Article.

(2)        Compilations of patient data prepared for release ordissemination by a statewide data processor pursuant to this Article.

(3)        Patient data furnished by a statewide data processor to theState.

(b)        Compilations of data under subdivision (a)(3) of thissection, prepared for release or dissemination by the State, are publicrecords.

(c)        The State shall not allow proprietary information, includingpatient data, that it receives from a statewide data processor to be used by aperson for commercial purposes. The State shall require the person requestingthis information to certify that it will not use the information for commercialpurposes.

(d)        A person is immune from liability for actions arising fromthe required submission of data under this Article. (1995, c. 517, s. 39(b).)