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Article 15A.

Public Hospital Personnel Act.

§ 131E‑257.  Title; purpose; applicability ofother laws; "public hospital" defined.

(a)        This Article shall be known and may be cited as the"Public Hospital Personnel Act".

(b)        The purpose of this Article is to protect the privacy of thepersonnel records of public hospital employees and to authorize publichospitals to determine employee compensation and personnel policies and toestablish employee benefit plans.

(c)        Unless otherwise provided, none of the provisions of Part 4,Article 5, Chapter 153A and Part 4, Article 7, Chapter 160A shall apply topublic hospitals.

(d)        If any provision of this Article is inconsistent with anyprovision of any other law, the provision of this Article shall be controlling.

(e)        As used in this Article, unless the context clearlyindicates otherwise, the term "public hospital" has the same meaningas in G.S. 159‑39. (1997‑517, s. 2.)