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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 131E‑257.1. Compensation; personnel policies; employee benefits plans.

(a)        A public hospital shall determine the pay, expenseallowances, and other compensation of its officers and employees, and mayestablish position classification and pay plans and incentive compensationplans.

(b)        A public hospital may:

(1)        Adopt personnel policies and procedures regarding, withoutlimitation, vacations, personal leave, service award programs, other personnelpolicies and procedures, and any other measures that enhance the ability of apublic hospital to hire and retain employees.

(2)        Determine the work hours, workdays, and holidays applicableto its employees.

(3)        Establish and pay all or part of the cost of benefit plansfor its employees and former employees, including without limitation, life,health and disability plans, pension, profit sharing, deferred compensation andother retirement plans, and other fringe benefit plans.

(4)        Pay severance payments and provide other employee severancebenefits to its employees and former employees pursuant to a severance planestablished in connection with a reduction in the size of the workforce of apublic hospital or, with respect to an individual employee, pursuant to anemployment agreement entered into prior to the date the employee receivesnotice of termination of employment.

(c)        The provisions of G.S. 159‑30 and G.S. 159‑31are not applicable to public hospitals with respect to the investment ofescrowed or trusteed retirement and deferred compensation funds. Public hospitalsmay invest such escrowed and trusteed funds in property or securities in whichtrustees, guardians, personal representatives, and others acting in a fiduciarycapacity may legally invest funds under their control. (1997‑517, s. 2.)