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§ 131E‑44.  Generalpowers.

(a)        The inhabitants of a hospital district are a body corporateand politic by the name specified by the North Carolina Medical CareCommission. Under that name they:

(1)        Are vested with all the property and rights of property belongingto any corporation;

(2)        Have perpetual succession;

(3)        May sue or be sued;

(4)        May contract;

(5)        May acquire any real or personal property;

(6)        May hold, invest, sell or dispose of property;

(7)        May have a seal and alter and renew it; and

(8)        May exercise the powers conferred upon them by this Part.

(b)        A hospital district is vested with all the powers necessaryor convenient to carry out the purposes of this Part, including the followingpowers, which are in addition to the powers granted elsewhere:

(1)        Those powers granted under the Municipal Hospital Act,Chapter  131E of the General Statutes, Article 2, Part A;

(2)        To issue general obligation and revenue bonds and bondanticipation notes pursuant to the Local Government Finance Act, Chapter 159 ofthe General Statutes;

(3)        To issue tax and revenue anticipation notes pursuant toChapter 159 of the General Statutes, Article 9, Part 2; and

(4)        All other powers as are necessary and incidental to theexercise of the powers of this Part. (1971, c. 780, s. 37.4; 1973, c. 476, s. 152; c. 494, s. 45; 1983, c.775, s. 1.)