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§ 135‑43.3.  Oversightteam.

(a)        The Committee onEmployee Hospital and Medical Benefits may use employees of the LegislativeServices Office and may employ contractual services as approved by theLegislative Services Commission to monitor the Executive Administrator andBoard of Trustees, the Claims Processor, and the Comprehensive Major MedicalPlan [State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees]. The Director of theBudget may use employees of the Office of State Budget and Management tomonitor the Executive Administrator and Board of Trustees, the ClaimsProcessor, and the Comprehensive Major Medical Plan [State Health Plan forTeachers and State Employees]. Employees authorized by the Legislative ServicesCommission and the Director of the Budget to provide assistance to theCommittee on Employee Hospital and Medical Benefits and to the Director of theBudget shall comprise an oversight team.

(b)        The oversight teamshall, jointly or individually, have access to all records of the Board ofTrustees, the Executive Administrator, the Claims Processor, and the Plan. Theoversight team shall, jointly or individually, be entitled to attend allmeetings of the Board of Trustees.

(c)        The oversight teamshall report to the Committee on Employee Hospital and Medical Benefits whenrequested by the Committee.  (1981 (Reg. Sess., 1982), c. 1398, s. 6; 1985, c.732, ss. 47, 67; 1985 (Reg. Sess., 1986), c. 1020, s. 20; 2000‑140, s.93.1(a); 2001‑424, s. 12.2(b); 2008‑168, ss. 1(a), 2(a), (b).)