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§ 135‑4.1.  Reciprocityof creditable service with other State‑administered retirement systems.

(a)        Only for thepurpose of determining eligibility for benefits accruing under this Article,creditable service standing to the credit of a member of the LegislativeRetirement System, Consolidated Judicial Retirement System, or the LocalGovernmental Employees' Retirement System shall be added to the creditableservice standing to the credit of a member of this System; provided, that inthe event a person is a retired member of any of the foregoing retirementsystems, such creditable service standing to the credit of the retired memberprior to retirement shall be likewise counted. In no instance shall servicecredits maintained in the aforementioned retirement systems be added to thecreditable service in this System for application of this System's benefitaccrual rate in computing a service retirement benefit unless specificallyauthorized by this Article.

(b)        A person who was aformer member of this System and who has forfeited his creditable service inthis System by receiving a return of contributions and who has creditableservice in the Legislative Retirement System, Consolidated Judicial RetirementSystem, or the Local Governmental Employees' Retirement System may count suchcreditable service for the purpose of restoring the creditable serviceforfeited in this System under the terms and conditions as set forth in thisArticle and reestablish membership in this System.

(c)        Creditable serviceunder this section shall not be counted twice for the same period of timewhether earned as a member, purchased, or granted as prior service credits. (1989 (Reg. Sess., 1990), c.1066, s. 35(c); 2006‑264, s. 14.)